2016 US Election – The Relative View

Pre-election on Facebook I shared a view from the absolute…
“Maintain your coherence as we head towards the quantum scrambler that is the US election… Might be a bumpy ride.Deep gratitude to the angelic beings playing the roles of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with such aplomb! Respect.”. To complete that here is a bit of relative analysis RE: the US election, the Trump victory and the outrage.

Large concentrations of prey attract predators. The mass matrixised (most of us are in it to some extent – some fully, some less than others) swathe of humanity has many predators/parasites/farmers. These predators are mostly thought-energy forms (which could also be called “Egregores” or even “Archons”). We can notice these energy forms via their human agents….so called ‘illuminati’ such as Rockefeller, Netanyahu, Clinton, etc…are humans who are expressing the energy of these forms. Quite often without consciously realizing it themselves. This is why they can also seem innocent or even human at times and why “conspiracies” are usually not literally a bunch of people in a room plotting but more a current which expresses in various ways.

Also paying attention will show you that predators are not all a united block but are also competing with each other to a degree. Hyaenas, lions and wild dogs often eat the same animals and steal kills from one another – but they generally avoid full conflict because of its low risk-reward.

if I may digress back to the absolute a moment….
These predators are necessary. They help cull the prey and evolve said prey in the direction of greater intelligence/awareness/capability, they also help shape the environment. See this piece about how wolves change rivers in yellowstone?

So this function is not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ anymore than a cheetah killing a baby impala is ‘bad’. Of course when one is prey there is a natural reaction of fear or disgust when we recognize a predator/parasite (humans generally deny the existence of those farming them) that fear and disgust if embraced and used can help with navigation and evolution from being prey to either becoming a predator oneself or simply becoming free from either. In the long run and if the medicine is taken the predators are helping. They are perfect. They are angelic. Fight and resist as much as possible (always play the game as if totlly real) but love and be grateful to them too.

So the relative again….

Why the big fuss over one particular predator getting in rather than another? Well this predator is from a different sphere. This is a corporate predator suddenly eating its full from the state predator’s banquet. Trump is out of lane. He is breaking the agreements. This is not lion/leopard competition (like say McDonalds and Pfizer competing to poison you), its like a Lion suddenly equipped itself with a snorkel and started catching wildebeest as they swum the river. The crocodiles are outraged. The prey too is shocked and perturbed. “we are used to dealing with mouths full of teeth in the water not teeth AND claws”

This is interesting. Perhaps signaling the beginning of the end of the reign of crocodiles….Certainly they are having their mojo messed with and quite probably the lion is not very effective in the water yet. For savvy prey this is potentially a good thing. While the crocodiles and lion fight there is a chance for many more to escape and room for new strategies and evolutionary experiments.

So practically where to with this view? Well in the midst of the thick of prey and predators there are also creatures: Dragons, Yetis, Unicorns, Gorgons. Mostly ignored as useless (or if messing with the prey too much seen as a threat) by the predators and either adored or reviled by the prey. These creatures are playing a different game, one beyond survival….a game of artistry. I think its the best game and highly recommend it.

image credit:http://izzual.deviantart.com/art/Yeti-Charge-520160696


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