Sessions & Medicine Work

“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.” ~ Rilke

“Clouds draw water from the ocean to fall as rain on the earth And there is neither increase nor decrease; Just so, reality remains unaltered like the pure sky.” ~ Saraha

Fascia Release

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a connective tissue that occurs in sheets and bands, both independent within the body and incorporated into other tissues as well. It is a like a web or a wetsuit this matrix of tissue that surrounds and permeates every other tissue in the entire body. Every type of tissue you can identify in the body–bone, muscle, skin, nerve, artery or vein–exists within the confines of the fascia . . . or is simply a different form of fascia. This is the nature of the intercellular matrix composed of fascia. The fascia then can be considered the vessel which contains our body and maintains its form and function–our internal environment.

Why Work on The Fascia?

When our fascial system is troubled, it affects our entire existence: Our attitude, our energy, our health, our mobility. Restricted fascia reduces or stops the flow of nutrients to and waste away from our cells. Numerous research studies have proven the importance of healthy fascia, among the many amazing discoveries about fascia is its role in intercellular communication–in controlling cellular function. This includes cellular respiration, muscle contraction, capilary dialation, etc. Our bodies are composed of billions of cells. Our nerves only contact a portion of them. How then, do the cells that have no direct contact with our nervous system receive commands to function? The answer is the fascia.

What is Fascia Release?

So much of low energy, body pain or misalignment is due to bunching or agglomeration of the fascia. Trauma both emotional and physical is stored in the fascia, and this work releases it and creates new space for your being. Fascia release is smoothing and opening up the Fascia and getting the energy within it flowing

Traditionally fascia release has involved fairly painful and aggressive breaking up or rubbing of the fascia. While this certainly can be effective the pain also causes a secondary contraction and so in the longer run a slower approach can actually be more effective.

I work with deep, slow, vibratory touch to persistently yet gently release the fascia and open up your entire body with a focus on deep full body healing and liberation from patterns stuck within the body memory.

R450 for 1 hour, R750 for a 2 hour session. Sessions are in Pinelands.

Sexual Healing Touch Work

To have the entire body touched with deep presence is a gift which can unlock layers of energy and feeling. Sexual Healing touch work runs the gamut from whole body sensual massage and energy activation to pelvic release, genital massage & heart integration.

Touch work gets you out of your head and into feeling, this brings up so much because there are layers and layers of experience, emotion and energy which were not embodied.

This is a very sensitive practise and needs to be deeply held within a container of trust and safety for both parties. For this reason when working with women I always have a woman practitioner available to help us with regards to processing the energies which arise.  I work with both men and women.

Medicine Work

The sacraments can, in a single night, help release energies which have been trapped for decades or educate one in the secrets of the cosmos. Like working with sexual energy medicines definitely fall into the ‘extreme sports’ category of spiritual practice and it really helps to have done the basics. The profound gifts I’ve received from plant, fungi and animal allies have been of immense value on my path – with skillful use and deep reverence the poisons can do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Currently, I share with others primarily the West African sacrament Tabernanthe Iboga.

Iboga is a profound deepening and clearing of the self – it helps map out your mind its patterns and strategies and all the ways in which one has avoided the real.  Iboga is very much soul work and part of the way it works is to interface profoundly with your DNA and family lineage and bring about a deep liberation from karmic ties which no longer serve.  One Iboga session can be the equivalent of many years of therapy – however you still need to do the work of releasing and healing as the medicine just allows you to compress this work into a shorter more intense period.

We will have two 1 hour long sessions in the week leading up to the journey and two sessions the week after. The journey runs from 12 noon on one day until 12 noon the next day (24 hours) and can take place either in my space or yours.

Sacred Vocation Coaching

My work is very much about living in the world and bringing one’s gifts fully into incarnation in this realm.  To do this it is necessary to have a means of survival, a means of survival which creates contentment within and which serves and supports other beings without – otherwise known as “right livelihood”

Finding and being able to support oneself and one’s dependents through right livelihood is a tremendous challenge and a wonderful journey.  Having braved the vicissitudes of being in he world yet insisting on remaining connected to spirit and soul I love helping others in this journey towards the artistry of one’s own life.

Learning Tantra

Tantra is my deep love affair. This way, this path is so profoundly appropriate for these turbulent times. The Tantra I share is a modern emergence of the authentic current, thus you will find flavours of Vajrayana, Kaula, Kasmiri Shaivism and Neo-tantra and yet its its own thing: a Tantric blossoming which has emerged in South Africa and is practiced by a wonderful group of beings.

There is no set format for a tantra session – we might be doing a meditative practice in my session space, busking at the train station or swimming in the icy ocean confronting a fear. Navigation in sessions is towards whatever brings about the quickest growth of awareness while still being held and grounded within the nervous system and disciplined with the mind.


No sincere student is turned away.  Part of sincerity is pitching up for the energy exchange. Sessions are R600 per hour (normally they last 1 – 3 hours) this need not be all cash if difficult it can be organic vegetables, crafts, artworks, cryptocurrency, exchange, talents or promisory notes.

Iboga journeys can either be solo of shared with up to 2 other people. Costs R5800 – 1 person, R4800 2 people, R3800 3-4 people.