An Empty Matter of Life and Death

During their illusory dense battle-embrace Life asks Death why do you keep killing me?
Death responded because you keep birthing me.
This endless impermanence brings us to our knees
Defeat ~ Prayer ~ Love ~ Agony
never never always already

• • •

Yogacast 1 & 2

Expression via the video medium is proving a little easier these days.  Here are a few snippets that want to be shared post yoga.

• • •

2016 US Election – The Relative View

Pre-election on Facebook I shared a view from the absolute…
“Maintain your coherence as we head towards the quantum scrambler that is the US election… Might be a bumpy ride.Deep gratitude to the angelic beings playing the roles of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with such aplomb! Respect.”. To complete that here is a bit of relative analysis RE: the US election, the Trump victory and the outrage.

• • •

Ashram to Lab

For 6 months now a group of us have been exploring Tantra, meeting, practicing and having ceremonies at my house – we have been calling it the “The Ashram on the Hill”. Basically we opened up 19 Danks court to a series of dialogues, talks, meditations, and practices around Tantra. Its been a great vehicle for people to come and get a taste of this way, connect with others of a similar inclination and engage in a somewhat regular practice.

• • •

Agile Awakening

My sometime Dakini and dharma peer Crys comes up with the most interesting and provocative comments about my evolving transmission which she is currently witnessing close-up  (we are housemates).

• • •

Temple, Ashram, Charnel Ground Tantra

So often the maneuvering and discussions of what is an authentic Tantra is because of a dualistic error definition from one particular place within the multipolar thing that is Tantra. The primary ‘place’ of practice gives a good insight as to the type of tantra one is dealing with.

• • •