About Sy

Hi…I’ve been on this path of  awakening and deepening connection to source for 3 decades now.

The journey has ventured through Osho Sannyas, Ritual Magick, Advaita, Shamanism and Tantra. It has spanned 4 continents and included many valuable guides along the way.

At some point the path ripened and the sharing began. I’ve been holding space for others to attune with  Tantra since 2012, Iboga since 2013.

Apart from the Dharmic transmission I have also initiated and hold a number of projects. I’m the project coordinator of The Dharma Lab, a leaderless sangha for experiments in truth and love and an incubator of sacred creativity.  Co-founder of  The Tantra Foundation, a platform hosting authentic, modern tantra for the 21st century. Co-founder of Elyseos a company supporting and educating on integral use of shamanic medicines.

Primarily nowadays my own practice is sacramental plant work, and tantric practice.

So those are the spiritual quali-fictions.  I advise against evaluating engaging a joint practice together purely by virtue of your mind.  Go with the resonance you get from this website and any interactions we may have – the heart is a better compass on this journey than the head.