Mentors & Allies

Profound gratitude to those who have deeply influenced my trajectory.

Osho, Josh Geller, Ramesh Balsekar, Maitreya Ishvara, Crystal, Natasha, Wendy, Sw. Rahasya, Adi Da, E J Gold, Dale Pendall, Antero Ali

If you are on the path and looking for guidance I unreservedly recommend (I have a penchant for woman teachers – it worked for Lao Tzu & Daruma)

Wendy Dakini – Dakini, Tai Chi & Qi Gong teacher. Based in Knysna
Akira Devi – Dakini, Mind wrangler extraordinaire. Based in Cape Town

Valentina Leo – Dakini, Performer. Based in Cape Town
Maya Yonika – Dakini, Author. Based in USA

Maya Luna – Dakini, Poetess. Based in California.
Dakini Shima – Dakini, Filmmaker. Based in Johannesburg
Sw Rahasya – Tantra teacher, Dakini revealer, reviver of the tantric current, igniter of the South African tantric tradition…based in Cape Town
EJ Gold – 4th way, techno shamanic, bardo guide, inter dimensional traveller….based in Nevada City, California but also very accessible online. Based in California

Antero Ali – Filmmaker, Astrologer, Paratheatrical guide. Based in Oregon.


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