Sessions are a great way to heal and tackle specific issues you may be grappling with. If you wish to be guided by me on a longer term or more formal basis then the process is as follows:

Determining Fit

We meet – share a tea or a meal and get a feeling for if there is a resonance for you with this work and if this particular path might be the right one for you.

After this meeting I will have a good sense of you and where you are at so even if we do not end up working together will be able to offer some insights as to what might be useful on your further journeys.

Trial Period

This is a 3 month commitment period during which I will start moving you fairly quickly into preparation for South African Tantra. In this time we will get to know each other, ground your nervous system do some mind training and give you a clear taste of some of the ups and downs to come should you choose to continue with this way.

Initial Guidance

If all goes well during the trial period we will do a year of work. During this year you will pass through some deep re-patterning within your mind, emotions and body. Usually after a year of work there is a transformation in the consciousness and psyche- there is certainly a lot more room to operate from choice within your life.

Ongoing Work

After the first year the guidance will be less formal.  You now have momentum and enough mojo to operate under your own recognizance.  I often still have a lot to offer as a dharma friend so we stay connected if you feel it.