An Empty Matter of Life and Death

During their illusory dense battle-embrace Life asks Death why do you keep killing me?
Death responded because you keep birthing me.
This endless impermanence brings us to our knees
Defeat ~ Prayer ~ Love ~ Agony
never never always already


  1. juliana wright - December 12, 2017 @ 7:58 am

    Gosh. Are these your words Sy?

    They have no meaning to me and my own experience of Life and Death. In fact i am perplexed by the “gobledegook-ness” of their juxtaposition. I see some sort of strange programming or propaganda behind them which i have never been drawn to.
    Life is Life and is never “killed”. Death is, in fact, Love in action. And Love in action is Life expressing itself in existence through the infinite and myriad forms of Itself as they rearrange in the dance of impermanance.
    “battle-embrace”, “Defeat-Prayer-Love-Agony”, “never never always already” – these words and phrases are out of place, to me, in the simple Mystery and beauty of what is orchestrating this life: the Good.


    • sytzu - May 9, 2018 @ 10:49 am

      Yes love, my words.

      Perhaps this might help?
      Especially this…


      With this fourth degree or level of Attainment the singularity of each object is preceived at its highest degree of uniqueness. The difference between this level and the next is paper-thin and practically non-existant. The fourth level matches Tozan’s fourth stanza below titled “The Arrival at Mutual Integration.”

      The Arrival at Mutual Integration:

      When two blades cross points,
      There’s no need to withdraw.
      The master swordsman
      Is like the lotus blooming in the fire.
      Such a man has in and of himself
      A heaven soaring spirit.

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