Path of the Unwavering Heart

I’m feeling called to share directly some practitioner level tantric teachings with men.  Various names for this work have suggested themselves…

“Sexual Integration”
“Sacred Seduction”
“Daka Frequency Attunement”

All of which, while correct, do not fully capture it. Names aside, it feels like it is time – there are enough men (you perhaps?) whose energy is coming online head/heart/cock. Men interested in moving beyond patriarchal definitions of masculine essence. Men who are receiving their first transmissions from the Dakini principal. Men who have a desire to do the work of sexual healing & awakening – firstly within and then as that begins to overflow to share it with women.

The need for this work is great, yet a man able to truly hold space for women in their emergence without being consumed by his own remaining bullshit is rare.

This I know firsthand.

In the last 5 years I’ve made many mistakes coming into service in this way. There were some beautiful fuck-ups despite over 11 years of being deep in my own practice and the guidance of many amazing beings (both human and in the invisible).

Really good to get help on this one.

No doubt you have already made your own mistakes in this arena, and will make more.  The fuck-ups are not the issue it is how we listen and then navigate after their inevitability and how willing we are to get back on the beam.

Meeting the Feminine

For men the internal process of opening to feminine energy often feels like this.  He is dissolved in the fires of her intensity and it he manages to stay with it and survive then the response is … kill her.  To save the world – of course.

There is another way.

What We Will Do

Meet the feminine, within and without, facing all that entails.  The fear, resistance, anger, betrayal, lust, bliss, joy, hurt, excitement, and on, and on, and on.  The endless endlessness of Shakti ceaselessly manifesting. It is a lot.  It will often seem like too much.  We will keep opening and descending to meet her. This is very different from many masculine modes of spiritual practice.

Essentially we are opening to and meeting archetypal feminine energy (yin) while in the body of a man, there are not many maps for this. This opening will in turn deepen, ground and expand the masculine energy as it rises to meet her.

You will work closely with me and have the honour of working with some of my peers – women who are truly able to help men land and participate in the dance, finding the lover within and then expanding that to relating with woman.

The Daka Frequency

This is an energy we will explore, but what is ‘Daka’?

There is such a wealth of literature on Dakini, both the principle and the embodiments of this principal but Daka is hardly even a footnote. Some even say such a thing is nonexistent. Sanskrit scholar Miranda Shaw: “In Sanskrit there is only one word, Dakini. There are only female Dakinis… there is no male Dakini. It is an impossibility and a contradiction in terms.”

Yet in the Gelug school the term is used. Thubten Yeshe clarifies, “what are Dakas and Dakinis? Simply speaking they are males and females who possess advanced experiences of tantric transformation and control and are therefore able to increase the blissful wisdom of a highly qualified practitioner”

With so little written about Daka historically speaking it leaves us without many maps to follow. Yet as the Tantric Revival gathers steam it seems to be a useful emanation for these modern times. If we are intending to use this term and explore his frequency it becomes necessary to look not to the past but to the current rising awareness as a means of understanding this emergent phenomenon.

In this video I speak of Daka and Dakini.

What it Entails

This is going to be a non-trivial process.  You will need to be willing to take yourself to places where you will be stretched sexually, mentally, energetically.

 Primal emotional excavating, exploration of sexuality, deep energy work, clearing of mind all accelerated and supported by medicine work.
 Some areas of exploration:

  • Developing the container for these initiations and the effect they will have on your life.
  • Facing your traumas and finding deep forgiveness.
  • Working with your Eros.  Allowing your erotic energy to be opened and explored.
  • Working with your energy system and bringing it online without getting excessively fried by the kundalini.
  • Practical sexual and emotional healing tools.
  • Working with power dynamics.  Understanding power and how power dynamics play out in the container of healing. How to work with the intense medicine of power and not get lost.
  • Engaging ‘Teacher Karmas’.  This requires a different approach to the way you work as a student.
  • Transcending competition with other men.
  • Meeting the feminine though the twin gates of reception-devotion.
  • Opening and softening the heart.

First Group

I’m looking to work with from 3-7 men this round.


Not yet finalized.  We will need at least 6 months, maybe 9, perhaps a year.

For now we are going to start in July after which it will be clearer what level the group is on and how long we will need and how much engagement is possible and required.


Most of the course will take place online but there will be a 7 day in person retreat at some point. It is envisaged that these retreats will be run twice per year: one in South Africa and one in Europe.

To Apply

– Write a letter of application to Why do you feel called to do this work and what is your intention in taking this on?  Be raw and honest about yourself.

– You need to have had a sincere & grounded spiritual practice for at least 5 years.

– You need to have begun deeply working on your own sexual awakening or healing with a woman (or women) of wisdom.

– Tantra is led by the feminine as such please supply a letter of reference from a woman (2 women would be better) giving an honest assessment of where you are at and your potential readiness for this training.


There will be some.  I don’t know what they are yet. It will be acessible. You will also need to set aside money for work with the women who will support you as part of this process.

Tantra Foundation

This work is being performed under the aegis of the Tantra Foundation.  The Tantra foundation is holding a container for an authentic yet modern expression within the Tantric Revival.