~Song of the Skydancer~

It is a violent thing this aspect of Dakini
using love like a barbed lance we penetrate the very core
the victim in their passion removes their own armour
deeply struck!
pierced through the heart
of the heart
They have only one way
total dissolution,
let go
and if they cannot?
merciless Dakini dances on Undead corpses in the wake
but every now and then…A resurrection! An ascension!
Perhaps its worth the agony & gore?
no, we are not pleasant.
how can we be?
forgive us our bloody, brutal work.


artist credit –¬†http://rob-joseph.deviantart.com/


  1. Judith - March 22, 2015 @ 9:01 pm

    It’s a curious thing,
    as you said,
    this aspect of dakini.
    Its magnetic
    Draws all the mettle out the woodwork.
    If only it would work
    on those unwilling.
    You can help a horse to feel
    but you can’t force it to heal.

    I was young,
    sometimes rough,
    sometimes smug,
    sometimes an energetic thug.

    But I learned:
    learned to be gentle in my strength,
    strong in my gentleness,
    piercingly graceful,
    elegantly incisive,
    so hold you so sweetly you don’t even mind
    when I turn you inside out.

    Show me your wound.
    I know its ugly,
    its ok.
    I will pass you the knife,
    steady your hand,
    and gently push it deeper.
    Let the pus run out,
    the blood run free,
    the pestilence must be washed away
    but there is no holy water from me;
    it comes from you.

    I will show you your insides.
    I will show you how to lick them clean.

    And it will hurt.
    It will sting.
    You will have never felt such pain.
    But afterwards
    you’ll be so free,
    you’ll cry, “Again,

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