No More Students

The term ‘student’ for those I’m guiding has gradually become a less comfortable fit. There are a number of issues coming up with the use of this term:

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Beginning Shamanic Tantra

Imagine you have entered a library and in the library sitting on a shelf covered in dust is an old laptop.  Now before we plug this laptop in and connect it to the Internet we need to ensure that A- the power is not going to fry its circuits B- that we can deal with any viruses or bizarre software that is running on the laptop.

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~Song of the Skydancer~

It is a violent thing this aspect of Dakini
using love like a barbed lance we penetrate the very core
the victim in their passion removes their own armour
deeply struck!
pierced through the heart
of the heart
They have only one way
total dissolution,
let go
and if they cannot?
merciless Dakini dances on Undead corpses in the wake
but every now and then…A resurrection! An ascension!
Perhaps its worth the agony & gore?
no, we are not pleasant.
how can we be?
forgive us our bloody, brutal work.

• • •

South African Tantra a Dialogue

What is South African Tantra?

Tantra is a current which has emerged many times in human history. These spiritual forces are like that  when the time and place is right they upswell and blossom into expression.

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